Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kind of Managers

The Autocrat
This manager has one objective, his own. He does not care about his employees, and nothing anyone ever does is good enough to satisfy him. He is impossible to get along with and is convinced that he is the only competent person working in the company.
Things an Autocrat would never dream of doing:
  •     Ask how you think a problem should be solved
  •     Admit to making a mistake
  •     Tell you what a great job you did
  •     Tell you how much he appreciates your efforts
  •     Empower you to make appropriate decisions at your level
The Blame Fixer
This type of boss makes it his/her job to make everyone else responsible for fixing his/her problems. He/she takes no responsibility for his own employees, department, or results. He/she is however, the first to take credit for something which went well.
Things a Blame Fixer would never dream of doing:
  •     Standing up at a meeting and accepting full responsibility for a problem
  •     Accepting responsibility for the mistake of one of his/her employees
  •     Actually getting something accomplished
  •     Creating an environment of creativity and openness on his team
  •     Sharing the credit with his team on a successful project
The Soft Heart
When you first meet this person you will at first think that you have just met the sweetest, most wonderful boss in the world. You will initially get the warm fuzzies and you’ll believe that it’s going to be a great job. Do not be fooled. This person is actually spineless. They will tell you exactly what you want to hear, then turn around and do the exact opposite. He or she will leave you hanging out to dry and will be anything but supportive.
Things a Soft Heart would never dream of doing
  •     Giving you honest and direct feedback
  •     Being up front and open with you
  •     Consistently aligning their words and actions
  •     Being sincere
  •     Openly vacillate about a decision
  •     How to get along with a Soft Heart
The Politician
This person is charismatic and is always the life of the party. Always fun to be around, the Politican always has something positive to say. The problem is that there is rarely any truth or substance behind it. This person has no real competence, they got to where they are by schmoozing the right people.
Your company’s organizational culture and values weigh heavily on whether these type of individuals can flourish and thrive, but be assured that you will always find one of this kind at any employer. Politicians depend on individuals who are competent to make them look good, then turn on them and make them a scapegoat when the employee gets tired of being used.
Things a Politician would never dream of doing:
  •     Actually being competent at their job
  •     Telling the whole truth
  •     Having achievement orientation on their own
  •     Working their way up the corporate ladder
  •     Not blaming a problem on a disgruntled employee
The Team-Builder
This is the kind of manager we all want to work for. They are competent at what they do, they know how to be open, and they solicit ideas and creativity from their employees. They are a pleasure to work with. They know how to make the tough decisions, but can do it in a way that is respectful and professional to all involved.
Things a Team-Builder would never Dream of Doing
  •     Blocking a subordinate’s promotion/transfer
  •     Ignoring what an employee had to say
  •     Not keeping his word on a promise
  •     Telling a lie or withholding the truth
  •     Being disrespectful to an employee
  •     Taking credit for something one of his team members did.