Saturday, March 8, 2014

case study on barrier to communication

Case Study on barrier to communication

IT Solutions private ltd.

Productivity of the company last year production of 1000 units of the products and every person of the company contribute to the goal of the company. In the month of may Mr.B appoint Mr. A.

Mr. A is working in a company and working as a team leader in the company having 5 people team under it and Mr. b is a GM of the company and having all the powers of the company. since productivity of the company is keep on decreasing day by day in terms of documentation and production.

Productivity of the company in this year 800 units of the products and it is analysis that only few persons of the company are contributing to the goal of the company. rests are not happy or dont want to work even in the company and these are the people who are to top performers of the company last year.

So Mr. B decided to take initiative to understand what is going on in the company and why productivity is keep on decreasing. Mr B called all the members in one by one without Mr. A.

Mr X - Mr. A is not a good person he don't do anything and he want to do everything in evening.

Mr Y - Mr A is don't know how to assign work to the people.

Mr. Z - Mr. A don't care about the infrastructure of the company i don't want to work in the company.

Mr. M - he is kind of careless person in the company. don't do anything.

Mr. J - I don't want to work under it and don't even want to see him.

Mr. B realize that every one is not able to connect with their superior and that's why there is a communication gap in the company between employees of the company at different stages of the company.

after all the interview Mr. A appoint another person who will keep on providing information of the company to him and make everyone aware about that. not Mr. B have to be carefull about his role and responsibilities and also try to minimize the gap between all the team members of the company and after that productivity starts rising in the company.


1. Physical Barriers- non of the employee even want to see him.

2. Cultural Barriers.- as he is new to company so it take time to adapt the culture of the company.

3. Personality.- he is different personality and for all of the team member it is very difficult to understand him.