Monday, May 9, 2016

What IT companies are looking in the next generation

Companies hiring new CIOs need their incoming IT leaders to address an increasingly wide range of technology and business priorities, according to analysis of more than 70 CIO job postings conducted by Deloitte LLP’s U.S. CIO Program. Traditional CIO responsibilities—setting a technology vision, driving digital enablement, and implementing IT governance policies—represent the most frequently occurring priorities across Deloitte’s sample of job descriptions. Business-related initiatives such as implementing programs to support growth and building analytics capabilities follow closely behind.

Only about one in four job descriptions noted a need for a CIO to improve IT infrastructure. This finding suggests that many companies may believe their systems and platforms are in decent shape, and that they would rather have a new CIO focus on growth activities or digital enablement than on stabilizing systems, according to Jackie Kirby, a specialist leader with Deloitte Consulting LLP.

Deloitte’s analysis of CIO job requisitions also yielded a ranking of common attributes companies want to see in candidates. Notably, “comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of IT” was the most common qualification employers look for, cited across a third of the postings, while “business acumen” ranked behind certain foundational leadership and soft skills.

“Many companies continue to view running technology operations as ‘job one’ for the CIO, so they want someone who knows, first and foremost, about infrastructure, applications, security, vendor management, portfolio management, governance, and the like,” says Kirby.

“To win in today’s job market and address the range of initiatives companies expect their new CIOs to lead, candidates must possess a balanced portfolio of classic leadership and IT management skills,” observes Kirby. Source - the Wall Street Journal.